“Let me guess, are you pretending to be a boat?”
―Emily guessing why James is stuck in a flood

Fun and James is a magazine story.


James is taking the "School Special" train to the Sodor Transport Museum. At a signal, he meets Emily. He is surprised to see her hauling trucks instead of coaches. Emily explains that the trucks had to be delivered in a hurry and she was the only spare engine. James soon drops the children off at the museum.

Later, James returns to pick up the children. A little girl asks James if he can guess what they saw inside. She runs up and down the platform with her arms out wide. James correctly guesses that they saw an aeroplane. Then a boy pretends to be holding a steering wheel and mimics a horn. Again James correctly guesses that they saw a car. Then the girl pretends to pedal and mimics a bell. Once more, James correctly guesses that the children saw a bicycle. Soon the game ends and they start on their journey. Later, James boasts about how good he is at guessing to Emily.

The next day, James goes to fetch more passengers, but a burst waterpipe has flooded the track. James cannot stop in time and skids into the water. Emily has to collect the passengers instead. James feels foolish with his front wheels stranded in the water. As she passes, Emily guesses that James is trying to be a boat.




  • Judging from the illustration, there is not enough water to stop James.
  • Emily's siderods are green and her buffers are black.
  • In one illustration, Emily's face slightly changes position.
  • Harvey is missing his number.


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