Fun on the Rails Playpack is a digital exclusive video release featuring eight eleventh season episodes.


It's time for some fun on the rails in this collection of classic Thomas and Friends episodes in which the engines discover the importance of loyalty, patience, and friendship. Thomas learns that having patience is important if he wants to be a Really Useful engine, Percy's imagination gets the best of him when he thinks he sees a spaceship in the sky and is determined to prove that he is right. Thomas and Spencer's competition leads to a stinky, cheesy situation for some engines. All of this and more in eight exciting, fun-filled episodes!


  1. Thomas and the Spaceship
  2. Dream On
  3. Gordon and the Mechanic
  4. Thomas and the Storyteller
  5. Thomas in Trouble
  6. Toby's Triumph
  7. Edward and the Mail
  8. Thomas and the Stinky Cheese


  • The episodes use the eighth-tenth season intro and credits.
  • In "Gordon and the Mechanic", James has a speaking role saying, "Hurry up Gordon!".


  • After the episode "Thomas and The Stinky Cheese", the Engine Roll Call song is out of sync.
  • Gordon and the Mechanic is mistakenly titled "Gordon the Mechanic" in the playlist on Amazon.
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