“Don't worry, your face is funny enough as it is!”
―Bill teasing Toby

Funny Faces! is a magazine story. It was republished with some changes and the same title (minus the exclamation mark) in 2013.


One day at the docks, Salty is showing the Fat Controller a funny face. Everyone laughs at Salty's funny face so much that the Fat Controller arranges a Funny Face Competition. The engine that wins would get the day off. All of the engines practice non-stop - all except Toby that is. He cannot seem to pull a funny face. He chuffs to the seaside to practice. At the seashore, Terence is busy clearing seaweed. He is so surprised to see Toby that he bumps into a fence sending seaweed flying all over Toby. Back at the Main Station, during the Funny Face Competition, Toby rolls in. Toby screws up his face at the overpowering smell of the seaweed. All the engines agree that Toby should win the competition.




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