“Squawking seagulls! You'll need a wash before you go on show!”

Fuss and Fumes is a magazine story.


Daisy is waiting at a junction when Bill and Ben rattle past blowing dust and soot all over her. Next moment, Henry rattles past running on bad coal and billowing smoke everywhere, streaking and staining Daisy's windows. Later Daisy is at the washdown when she receives some good news from the Fat Controller. She is going to take part in a Railway Exhibition on the Mainland and she will travel there by boat. The Fat Controller has arranged for Arthur/Gordon to pull her to the Docks, but Daisy tells him she would rather go by road, so she does. Her trip by road is not as clean as she had hoped: she is covered in smoke by George and Elizabeth. Daisy decides that, Steamies or no Steamies, next time she will stay on the tracks.




  • The ship Daisy is loaded into is called S.S. Sodor.
  • In the 2007 version, Fat Controller suggests for Arthur to transport Daisy to the harbour. However, this is replaced by Gordon in the 2011 verison.
  • Daisy is taken on a lorry with a huge trailer with 24 wheels.


  • Cranky's body and face are rectangular in shape rather than square.
  • Daisy is depicted with a Co-Bo wheel arrangement.
  • The writing on Bill / Ben's saddle tank is black instead of yellow.
  • Daisy's face is a lot larger than it should be.


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