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GWR Ventilated Vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and materials throughout the railways, such as the North Western Railway.

They are also simply known as vans or trucks in the UK narration or cars in the US narration.


Thomas & Friends

When Diesel failed to pull a line of old trucks, some of these vans were seen singing a rude parody of "Pop Goes the Weasel" called Pop Goes the Diesel, much to Diesel's fury and annoyance[1].

These vans (along with other Troublesome Trucks) tricked Bill and Ben were to shunt them. As a result, the yard was in a terrible mess causing the twins to be late with their evening duties[2].

When Oliver fell into the turntable well, they were one of several trucks who teased him when returned from the works. They stopped their teasing towards him when he pulled S.C. Ruffey, their leader, apart[3].

A van that was a part of Henry's train once teased him for being scared. However, after some suspicious events happened at Hawin Lake, the trucks became spooked too. They charged forwards, crashed through the gates and hit a landslide. The trucks ran over the rubble and plunged into a ravine below4].

According to Salty, these vans were one of the trucks that knew his secret. [4]

One of these vans were part of a train that transported sugar for Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory. The train was involved in an accident when Percy crashed through the factory building, and they were covered in chocolate. [5]

Most of these vans have often been used for the Flying Kipper and have been involved in many accidents and adventures of Henry, Duck or Thomas whilst being a part of the train.


These vans fit into the category of Troublesome Trucks.

Types of sentient vans in the television series:

Technical Details


These vans are based on the GWR Diagram V24 ventilated vans that are used on the railways, such as British Railways.

Types of van designs


The GWR ventilated vans are painted in different liveries, such as brown and grey, all in either the same or different shade. They have rooftops painted in either the same or different shade of grey.

Privately-owned GWR ventilated vans, such as the ones owned by Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory, have the company's name, initials or logo painted or placed on both sides.


Thomas & Friends


Music Videos

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  • Some of the GWR ventilated vans have faces covering the front vents, while others have faces below the vents.
  • Some of the GWR ventilated vans have roof ventilators, while others do not.




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