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Gabriela is a tank engine who works at Guanabara Bay in Brazil. She is good friends with Cassia.


Thomas & Friends

Gabriela befriended Thomas when he travelled to Brazil. During his stay, she helped teach him about Brazil, such as helping to translate phrases or teaching him about Batucada music. She was also the one who reintroduced Thomas to Raul.


Gabriela is a fast-talking, fun-loving engine, who enjoys sharing her knowledge about the culture and railways of Brazil. She is very passionate about her home country and especially enjoys carnival time. Gabriela is always cheerful and is a great friend to know when travelling through Brazil.

Technical Details


Gabriela is based on Baroneza II.


Gabriela is painted teal and black with red and gold lining. Her name is painted in gold on her side tanks. Here wheels are also black with white rims, her funnel brim and whistle are painted bronze, and her cylinders are gold, while her coupling rods are red.


Voice Actors

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 23 Active
Gabriela's Whistle


  • Gabriela is the only Brazilian engine character to appear and speak in all of the twenty-third series episodes set in Brazil.
  • Gabriela is the first new character since Ryan to have a grey running board.
  • Gabriela has been partially modified from her basis, as her sidetanks, cab and windows are thinner than her basis, and she has been fitted with buffers and screw-link couplings, allowing her to work with British rolling stock.

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