“Please, Sir! George says he is going to build new roads everywhere. I'm worried that no-one will need us engines any more!”

George's Little Joke is a magazine story.


One day, Thomas sees Bertie at the level crossing and apologises for keeping him waiting. Bertie tells him that he will not have to wait there again, as George says he is building a new road with a bridge over the track. That night, Thomas tells the other engines about this, and James mentions that George told him that he is going to build new roads all over the Island. 

Thomas has a bad dream about George squashing all of the tracks on Sodor and replacing them with roads full of cars. The next morning, the Fat Controller asks him what is wrong, and Thomas explains what George has said. The Fat Controller explains that George is only teasing, as he is not building new roads, but repairing the old ones instead.


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