This article is about the Story Library book. You may be looking for the steamroller.

George, re-titled George the Steamroller in 2011 and George meets his Match in 2015, is the thirty-third book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


George is working on the road near the Skarloey Railway and is often rude to the engines. Sir Handel meets him and boasts of his "steamroller wheels". The two soon stage a race, towards trouble.





  • In two illustrations, Sir Handel's siderods are not connected properly. 
  • When Sir Handel and George meet each other at the level crossing George is on Sir Handel's right side but then when George crashes into Sir Handel's train he is on his right side again (just like he was in the episode). In that case it would be impossible for George to crash into the train in the same position as in the episode.


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