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Gertrude and Millicent are two bogie coaches who work on the Skarloey Railway. They formerly worked on the Mid Sodor Railway.


The Railway Series

Gertrude and Millicent were rescued from the Mid Sodor Railway and restored while Skarloey was being repaired at the works. As they run on bogies, Sir Handel considers them the only "proper" coaches on the railway. Millicent has a small covered compartment for a guard where they can sell tickets, although Peter Sam does not like that as he believes that guards need vans, referring to this compartment as a "cupboard place".

Technical Details


Gertrude and Millicent are based on the Talyllyn Railway's ninth and tenth carriages, respectively. Carriages 9 and 10 were built on two bogie underframes supplied by W.G. Allen Ltd. of Tipton in 1954. Carriage 9 was originally fitted with the bodies of two ex-Penrhyn quarrymen's carriages, until a new six-compartment body was fitted in 1955. Carriage 10 was built with a five-compartment semi-open body with a small enclosed guard's compartment. They were rebuilt in 1967-68 and 1967, respectively, to the Talyllyn Railway's standard bogie carriage design.


Gertrude and Millicent are painted in the Skarloey Railway light blue with cream window surrounds livery. Their rooftops are painted light grey.



The Railway Series

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