“What is the slowest train on the line?"
"The express!”
―Duck and Percy

Go Easy is a magazine story.


One day, Gordon's driver hears a peculiar sound as Gordon enters the station. It is a squealing noise and seems to be coming from the brakes. When Gordon returns to the yard, his driver fetches some engineers who examine Gordon's brakes. The chief engineer tells Gordon that his brakes will be fine for the rest of the day as long as he goes easy and they will be fixed the next day. Gordon is confused, but the engineer assures Gordon that as long as he does not go too fast, his brakes will be fine.

Gordon goes slowly with the express and soon all the engines hear about Gordon "going easy". Bill and Ben think the situation is very funny and tease Gordon. Soon, Thomas who is bringing Gordon his coaches, starts laughing with Bill and Ben, too. It is not long before Duck and Percy are joking about the slow express train as well. Gordon is very cross.

As Gordon heads back to the main station, he decides that he has had enough of "going easy" and everyone laughing at him, so he speeds along the track as fast as he can. He forgets all about his worn brakes and tries to slow down as he approaches the station, but he just keeps on going. Gordon's brakes are now so worn that he does not stop until he collides with an old shed in a siding. Gordon decides that he should have "gone easy" after all.



  • It is likely that this magazine story was written by Andrew Brenner.
  • In the Japanese version, Percy and Duck don't show up and Gordon Forgets uses the first illustration instead of a scene where Gordon is being inspected.


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