“Botheration! My wheels keep slipping on the leaves!”

Going Slowly! is a magazine story.


Henry and James are trapped by a landslide. Terence arrives to help but he does not clear the blockage fast enough for James' liking. James tells Terence that he would be faster with proper wheels and not caterpillar tracks. Terence ignores them and soon both trains are on their way. Later, when the engines are going about their daily tasks, leaves start to fall from the trees. The engines are instructed to go slowly and their wheels only slip on the damp leaves. Terence's caterpillar tracks can grip on leaves easily. Now the engines are sorry for teasing Terence.



  • A station named "Elsworth" is mentioned. Although there is no station named Elsworth on Sodor, this may be a reference to the parish where Rev W. Awdry worked from 1946 to 1953. It was later used as the inspiration for the naming of Wellsworth and Elsbridge.



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