Going for a Swim! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is a bright, sunny morning as Thomas pulls into the station with Annie and Clarabel. Percy is there and asks Thomas what he is doing that day. Thomas explains that he is taking some children on a tour of the island. Percy wishes he could go too and Thomas asks Percy if he can pick up Annie and Clarabel and take the children home at the end of the tour. Percy eagerly agrees.

Thomas is soon steaming across Sodor. He puffs slowly past the windmill and then past the canal. Next Thomas chuffs along the cliffs where the children see the lighthouse. Then it is time for lunch on the beach.

By the time Percy comes to pick up the children, it has started to rain. As Percy sets off, the rain becomes heavier. When Percy approaches the canal, he finds that the tracks are submerged in water. He presses on, but halfway through the flood, he can go no further. It seems a long time before Percy hears Harold calling to him. Harold flies off to get supplies for the hungry and thirsty children.

In the meantime, Percy's driver, fireman, and guard start pulling up planks from the old brake van to re-light Percy's fire. Suddenly, Percy feels something fall on his head; Harold had dropped a parachute with a basket of sandwiches and drinks for the children and their teachers.

It is evening before Percy and the carriages struggle home. The Fat Controller praises Percy and the children give three cheers for Percy, Annie and Clarabel.





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