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“Don't play around with the trucks, Edward. It isn't wrong but we just don't do it!”

Gordon, re-titled Gordon the Big Engine in 2011, is the sixteenth book in the My Thomas Story Library series.


One day, Gordon cannot get up the hill until Edward comes to his rescue. The following day, Gordon implies that Henry whistles too much. Later, Gordon's whistle valve jams and cannot stop whistling.





  • In the fourth illustration, Gordon's tender does not have axle boxes.
  • In some illustrations, Gordon's buffers are taller.
  • At the end of the book, Edward was mentioned, but he was not seen.
  • In one illustration, Gordon's crank pin is missing and his coupling hook is taller. Also, Edward is missing his coupling rod.
  • In the sixth illustration (also used on the cover), Gordon's funnel is slightly taller than it should be.
  • The French version is titled "Gordon le petit train". This is inaccurate since "petit" means "small" and the word "locomotive" (engine) exists in French as is.
  • The Korean version of the books titles for Henry and Gordon were changed, because Gordon is more fast than strong, and Henry is more strong than fast, but the titles were changed.

In Other Languages

Language Title
French Gordon le petit train
Korean 힘센 기관차, 고든
Welsh Gordon