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“I shouldn't be kept waiting, the express is the most important train on the island.”

Gordon Runs Dry is a book in the Thomas Story Time series. It was illustrated by using images from the episode.


Gordon is pulling the express as usual when he sees Paxton hurrying towards him with some trucks of stone. As the signal turns red, Paxton brakes sharply, and a stone flies from his trucks and hits Gordon's boiler. Paxton thinks Gordon should get his boiler checked for damage, but the big engine insists that he is fine.

Gordon has not gone far, when he begins to run dry. He thinks it is strange as he thought he had plenty of water, but soon Gordon is filled up and they are on their way again. Gordon has to stop two more times, which his passengers do not like one bit.

Gordon soon feels dry again and finally grinds to a halt, leaving a trail of water behind him. Thomas follows the wet trail and soon finds Gordon, who cannot understand what has happened to him. Then, Paxton arrives and reminds Gordon about the accident. Thomas then sees the hole in Gordon's boiler. Gordon feels very foolish. Thomas takes Gordon's passengers and Paxton shunts the big engine to the Sodor Steamworks.

Later, Gordon pulls into Knapford where the other engines cannot resist teasing him. Gordon has learned his lesson; he will look after his boiler more in future.




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