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“I may not be fast, but I have a full boiler!”

Gordon Runs Dry is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using images from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2015 Thomas Annual.


During a conversation, Thomas tells Gordon that local trains are important, but Gordon replies by saying that local trains are too slow before he pulls away with his express.

Later, Gordon and Paxton nearly collide, but Paxton manages to brake in time. A stone is sent flying from Paxton's truck and hits Gordon's boiler. Paxton thinks Gordon should be checked for damage but Gordon says that the express is a fast train that must not be late.

It is not long before Gordon's boiler begins to run dry. Gordon decides that taking on water would make him a very slow train, so he carries on without filling up. As Gordon passes a lake, he knows that he will have to take on more water soon. At the next water tower, Gordon fills up, but he is soon running dry again.

Soon, Gordon runs out of steam and comes to a complete stop. Thomas is nearby and informs Gordon that there is water on the tracks. Gordon concludes that he must have a leaky boiler caused by the stone from Paxton's truck. Thomas takes Gordon's passengers and Paxton shunts Gordon to the Sodor Steamworks. Gordon does not feel like a fast engine anymore.

Soon, Gordon returns to work feeling as good as new. The other engines cannot resist a friendly joke, but Gordon is not amused. However, he is now much more careful about looking after his boiler, even if it means going a little bit slower.





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