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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the Thai DVD.

“I don't want anyone to see me with funny, frumpy Ferdinand! I am Gordon! I am fastest and best and I pull the express!”

Gordon and Ferdinand is the first episode of the fifteenth series.


The Fat Controller wants to give the Logging Locos a treat for being really useful. Ferdinand's treat is to share Gordon's special, taking the Lion of Sodor from Knapford to the Duke and Duchess' summer house for the summer. Gordon is less than pleased to be sharing his special with funny, frumpy Ferdinand.

When Gordon and Ferdinand reach the junction, Gordon decides to take the quiet track to the summer house so that no one sees him working with Ferdinand. But a little further up the line, Gordon comes across some workmen repairing the tracks and has to wait. To Gordon's envy, the workmen cheer for Ferdinand. At the next junction, Gordon decides to take the track through Maron to avoid being seen. However, at Maron there are lots of people including Dowager Hatt and some children who admire Ferdinand, but not Gordon.

"You should slow down, Gordon!"

Next, Gordon has another idea and takes the rickety old Fenland Track. Ferdinand is worried and tells Gordon to slow down, but his pleas are ignored. Gordon soon regrets not listening when he goes over a bump and the Lion of Sodor flies off the flatbed and into the muddy marsh. Gordon realises that he needs Ferdinand's help, so the Logging Loco goes to fetch Rocky. The statue is filthy, so the two engines take it to the Steamworks where Victor soon has it sparkling again.

Now, Gordon has yet another plan; he wants to pull the magnificent statue along all of the busy tracks. He also decides that Ferdinand deserves to be the front engine. When the two engines arrive at the summerhouse, the Duke admires Ferdinand and asks what his name is. Gordon proudly announces that the engine's name is Ferdinand - his new good friend.





US and CAN



  • In both dubs, Bash and Dash's voices are switched at the beginning.
  • The sign used to warn of track repairs is actually a UK roadwork sign.
  • In the US credits, Gordon's name is mispelt as "Gordan."
  • When Gordon brakes at the Fenland track, his bogey wheels spark, but they are not fitted with brakes.


  • Ferdinand: "You should slow down, Gordon!"


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Gordon e Ferdinand
Catalan En Gordon i en Ferdinand
Chinese Mandarin 高登和费迪南
Czech Gordon a Ferdinand
Finnish Jori ja Ferdinand
French Gordon et Ferdinand
German Gordon und Ferdinand
Hebrew גורדון ופרדיננד
Hungarian Gordon és Ferdinánd
Italian Gordon e Ferdinand
Japanese ゴードンとファーディナンド
Korean 고든과 퍼디난도 (dub)
고든과 퍼디낸드 (subtitles)
Norwegian Gordon og Ferdinand
Polish Gabryś i Ferdynand
Romanian Gordon și Ferdinand
Russian Гордый Гордон (Original)
Гордон и Фердинанд (Alternate)
Spanish Gordon y Ferdinand

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