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“Don't forget the water!"
"Who cares?"
"He'll be in trouble soon.”
―Gordon, Spencer and Thomas

Gordon and Spencer is the twenty-third episode of the seventh series.


Gordon is feeling excited; he gloats to Thomas about the Fat Controller choosing him as the special engine for the visiting Duke and Duchess of Boxford, but Thomas doesn't care and brushes it off. After Gordon has been washed and polished, he rushes away to meet the visitors. But on the way, he is diverted onto a siding. He is very upset about being late when a sleek silver streamlined tender engine passes by. Gordon is very surprised and wonders who he is.

When Gordon arrives at the shed, the engine is humming to himself. James explains that he is Spencer, the fastest engine in the world. Gordon scoffs at this, but is secretly impressed. Spencer explains that he is the Duke and Duchess' private engine and he takes them everywhere he goes. The Fat Controller arrives and says there will be a party for the visitors at Maron Station. After James points out that Maron is far away over Gordon's Hill, Gordon advises Spencer to take on plenty of water, but Spencer rudely declines. Gordon is hurt by this and claims he was only trying to be useful.

At Knapford, Spencer begins his journey. He shows the Duke and Duchess the Lighthouse, the Three Tier Bridge and the Windmill, but does not stop to take on more water. Thomas and Gordon are collecting passengers at Wellsworth when Spencer races by on his way to Maron. Gordon warns him again to take on water, but Spencer rudely ignores him, while Thomas knows Spencer is going to be in trouble soon, and he is right; Spencer runs out of steam while halfway up Gordon's Hill, and regrets not listening to Gordon. The Fat Controller hears about Spencer's predicament and sends Gordon to his rescue.

When Gordon arrives at Wellsworth, the stationmaster informs his driver about Spencer. Gordon's driver encourages him to hurry up the hill. Gordon looks forward to seeing Spencer in his predicament. When Gordon arrives at the hill, he cannot help but tease Spencer about his mishap. While Spencer makes up an excuse of a leaky tank, Gordon chuckles, switches over onto Spencer's track and is coupled up. Then they set off for the party.

Gordon pulls Spencer and his coach into Maron right on time, but Spencer is embarrassed. Thomas asks James what he thinks about Spencer now. James comments that Spencer has too much puff and not enough steam. The Fat Controller applauds Gordon about his achievements and says that he is the fastest engine on the island. Gordon proudly says that he already knows that.





  • Henry is turned too quickly on the turntable between the shot of Gordon arriving at Tidmouth Sheds and Thomas' close-up after.
  • Because stock footage is used, Edward's whistle is shown instead of Gordon's when he whistles after coupling up to Spencer.
  • Spencer runs out of water, but still blows steam for a few more seconds.
  • When Spencer races past Thomas and Gordon at Wellsworth, he is heading west. Later, however, when Gordon sets off to rescue him, he goes to the east and still catches up with Spencer.
  • In television broadcasts, Gordon's whistle is not heard as he leaves Wellsworth.
  • When Gordon arrives at the shed, the lining on his cylinder is peeling off.
  • When Gordon asks Spencer if he ran out of water, the narrator says he is teasing him. But Gordon looks more concerned instead of smiling or laughing.
  • When the episode was broadcast on Nick Jr. in the UK, some descriptions misnamed the episode as Spencer's Mountain.
  • During the whole episode, a piece of Gordon's valve is missing.
  • In the first shots of Spencer at the sheds and the other ones, Emily's siderods change position.
  • In one shot of Spencer, reflections of studio lighting can be seen in his eyes.


  • Gordon: Steaming pistons! Who's that?!
  • Thomas: What do you think of Spencer now?
  • James: Too much puff and not enough steam!


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 高登和史宾赛
Danish Gordon og Spencer
Hungarian Gordon és Spencer
Italian Gordon e Spencer
Japanese ゴードンとスペンサー
Korean 뽐내지 마! (EBS)
뽐내지 마! 고든과 스펜서 (Adongmoonhak)
Polish Gabryś i Szymek
Romanian Gordon şi Spencer
Russian Гордон и Спенсер
Serbian Gordon i Spenser
Swedish Gordon och Spencer
Turkish Gordon ve Spencer
Welsh Gordon a Spensyr

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