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“Never trust domeless engines, they're not respectable!”

Gordon and the Famous Visitor is the fourth episode of the third series. It is based on the story Domeless Engines from the Railway Series book Duck and the Diesel Engine.


It is an important day in the yard, as a special visitor has arrived and is now the centre of attention, with many people taking photographs and making notes. Duck explains to Thomas and Percy that he is a celebrity, a very famous engine, and they will have the chance to talk to him later. Thomas, however, believes that the Visitor is too famous to want to talk to them. Thomas, Duck, Percy and the other engines are very pleased about the Visitor, but Gordon thinks it is a lot of fuss about nothing. The other engines are happy to find that the Visitor is quite friendly and he enjoys talking to them well into the night.

The next morning, the visitor heads back to his own railway, and Thomas tells Gordon that the engine is famous since he was the first to go 100 mph. Gordon tells Thomas that the visitor had no dome and that domeless engines are not respectable or trustworthy as far as he is concerned. He also claims that 100 mph would be easy for him.

Later that day, Duck is taking some trucks to Wellsworth and tells Edward what Gordon has said about the visitor. Edward tells Duck that Gordon is simply jealous, since he thinks that no engine should be famous but him. Moments later, Gordon thunders past the two engines on the main line as his wheels pound the rails. Duck watches and jokingly tells Edward that Gordon will knock himself to bits.

Further along the line, Gordon begins to feel something loose on top of his boiler. He decides to slow down, but it is too late; on the Viaduct, he meets a teasing wind which blows in very hard puffs. The wind creeps under Gordon's loose dome, lifts it off and sends it flying away into the valley below. Gordon is most uncomfortable without his dome and to make matters worse for him, he is laughed at by some trucks at Knapford Station.

On the journey home, Gordon asks his driver to find his dome. However, he tells Gordon that they will never find it now and Gordon will have to go to the works for a new one. Gordon is most upset and hopes that the sheds are going to be empty, but all the engines are there waiting. As Gordon turns around on the turntable, he hears a voice saying, "Never trust domeless engines. They aren't respectable."




  • In a picture of a deleted scene, Thomas, Percy and Duck were at the other end of Tidmouth Sheds.
  • In a picture of a deleted scene, City of Truro's tender can be seen at the left of Gordon (viewer's right).
  • In a photo, Gordon is pulling red express coaches instead of green ones.
  • In a photo, Edward and Duck are at the station instead of the yard and Gordon races through the station on the left track rather than the middle.
  • Stock footage from Time for Trouble is used.
  • In the UK and international versions, excluding Ukrainian, when the narrator said "Gordon was most uncomfortable," the music is omitted.
  • In a picture of a deleted scene, Gordon is seen crossing the viaduct in the opposite direction without his dome. Another photo features him on the viaduct with his dome, smiling.
  • In the restored version, the scene of Gordon leaving Tidmouth Good Station is shortened and is replaced with an extended shot of the other engines talking to City of Truro at night, the scene of Gordon thundering by Wellsworth is slightly slowed down and Gordon going over the viaduct is extended and also sped up.
  • This is the first time a real life engine appears in the television series.
  • There is a bulldozer from TUGS next to Gordon when he arrives at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • Although City of Truro's name is never mentioned, it is seen on the banner at Tidmouth Sheds and his nameplate.
  • When first repeated on CITV on 29th January 1993, Duck's conversation with Edward at Wellsworth was cut out to fit the time slot.
  • Henry is the only steam engine not present at the sheds during the City of Truro's visit, save for Gordon, who passed by the sheds a few seconds later at the beginning of the episode.
  • This is the only episode until the twentieth series episode, Toby's New Friend, where Donald and Douglas make cameos together.
  • At the end of the Japanese narration, it is Thomas who mocks Gordon with "Never trust domeless engines," followed by Percy's "They aren't respectable."
  • In the US; this episode aired before Donald and Douglas and The Diseasel meaning the American audience may not know who Donald, Douglas, Bill and Ben are.


  • In the close-up on Thomas and Duck at the sheds, Duck is derailed.
  • In one shot of Gordon talking to Thomas and Duck, he does not have any eyebrows.
  • In the first scene, Toby's front window is shattered.
  • When Gordon seems to pass through Wellsworth, he also passes through Henry's Forest four times.
  • When Gordon says, "It feels as if something is loose," he brushes against a tree.
  • After Gordon loses his dome, his coaches disappear.
  • When Gordon goes through The Country Line, half of the embankment moves down and up slightly.
  • When Gordon goes through Knapford, he is tilted to the right. In the same scene, the coach to the far left is seen with exposed wires around its buffers.
  • When Thomas asks Duck, "Who's that?" Duck's right wheel is derailed.
  • When Duck talks to Edward, the latter's whistle is a bit crooked.
  • When Henry passes Edward and Duck at Wellsworth, his eyes are misaligned.
  • In the last shot of the episode, Gordon's eyes are misaligned and his buffers are slightly crooked.
  • Black blu tac can clearly be seen underneath the feet of some people at the start.
  • In the Swedish version of this episode, Thomas says City of Truro went 100 "mil" per hour, which is the general distance measurement in Sweden, however, 100 mil converts to 621.371192 miles, or 1000 kilometres, a speed that is impossible to reach for a steam engine.
  • Due to an archive footage Gordon's eyes are wonky when he says "He did it, I'll do! He did it, I'll do it!"
  • Gordon's buffer are crooked in many scenes.


Gordon: Good riddance! Chattering all night. Who is he, anyway?
Thomas: Duck told you, he's famous.
Gordon: As famous as me? Nonsense!
Thomas: He's famouser than you. He went 100 miles an hour before you were even thought of.
Gordon: Ha! So he says! But I didn't like his looks. He's got no dome! Never trust domeless engines. They're not respectable. I never boast, but I'd say 100 miles an hour would be easy for me. Goodbye!

Gordon: [rockets past] He did it! I'll do it! He did it! I'll do it!
Duck: He'll knock himself to bits.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 高登与著名访客
Czech Gordon a Slavny Host
Danish Gordon og den Berømte Gæst
Dutch Gordon en het Vreemde Bezoek
Finnish Jori ja Kuuluisa Vieras
German Eine weltberühmte Lok
Greek Ένας διάσημος επισκέπτης
Hungarian Gordon és a Különleges Látogató
Italian Gordon e l'Ospite Famosa
Japanese ゴードンとゆうめいなきかんしゃ
Korean 날아간 보일러 덮개
Norwegian Gordon og den Berømte Gjesten
Polish Gabryś i Gwiazdor
Romanian Gordon și Vizitatorul Faimos
Russian Гордон и известный посетитель
Serbian Gordon i Poznati Posetilac
Slovenian Gorazd in Slavni Obiskovalec
Swedish Gordon och den Berömde Gästen
Turkish Gordon ve Meşhur Ziyaretçi
Ukrainian Гордон і знаменитий гість
Welsh Gordon a'r Ymwelydd Enwog

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