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“What did they do?!"
"He turned him into a generator! He's still out there behind our shed. He'll never move again.”
―Duke telling the story of Smudger to Stuart and Falcon

Granpuff is the first episode of the fourth series. It is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Duke the Lost Engine.


On one cold wintery night on the Island of Sodor, the howling wind keeps the engines in the shed awake. Toby decides that what the engines need is to listen to a mysterious story, albeit with a happy ending. Thomas then tells the others a story his driver had told him recently:

In the story Thomas tells, there were three engines who lived on their own railway. Their engines were named Duke, Stuart and Falcon. Duke was the oldest of the three and had been named after the Duke of Sodor. Duke felt very proud of this and decided it was his responsibility to keep the younger engines in order. While other engines came and went, Duke outlasted all of them. Stuart and Falcon gave Duke the nickname "Granpuff" and were very fond of him, but did sometimes tire of hearing about his Grace and would occasionally tease him.

Duke soon warned Stuart and Falcon one day that if they did not behave, they would end up like Smudger; Duke told them that Smudger was a conceited engine, who ran roughly and often derailed, spilling his loads. Duke tried to warn him, but Smudger simply did not care and laughed at Duke. But he quickly stopped laughing when the manager told Smudger he was going to be useful one way or another. From then on, the only running Smudger did was as a generator behind the shed. He never went on the rails again.

Stuart and Falcon began behaving better and all three remained friends for many years. However, this all ended when hard times came. The mines that the engines depended on for work closed and the railway soon followed. As a result, the engines were all put up for sale. Stuart and Falcon were bought together, but no one wanted to buy an old engine like Duke. Stuart and Falcon promised Duke that they would find another railway for him to run on.

Duke's crew oiled him one last time, then put tarpaulins on him snugly in his shed and bid him a final goodbye as they left to find new jobs. Duke then went to sleep, waiting for the day he would be able to run again. As time went by, torrents of rain washed soil down from the mountains and trees and hedges grew over the shed. No one would know from looking that a small shed was there, nor an engine asleep inside it.

Back to the present, Thomas stops there with this story, and Percy is disappointed that there is no happy ending. Thomas tells Percy that there is one, but it will have to wait for another night.




  • Duke's nickname "Granpuff" originated from Wilbert Awdry's nickname given to him by his grandchildren due to the smoke from his pipe looking like that of a steam engine.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Smudger to date, who replaces No. 2's role from The Railway Series story. It also marks the first episode to introduce a television series exclusive character.
  • This is the first episode narrated by Bohuslav Kalva in the Czech Republic, Zoltán Csankó in Hungary and Guan Zhihong in Taiwan (as well as the first episode dubbed into Taiwanese).
  • This marks the first and only mention of the other Mid Sodor Railway engines in the television series.
  • On early UK releases of Rock 'n' Roll and other Stories, the lines, "Their names were Duke, Stuart and Falcon," and "Whenever they did anything that Duke thought wrong, he would say 'That would never suit his grace,'" are heard earlier.
  • In the early UK release and US version when the narrator said "On their own little railway" the music is heard later.
  • Falcon and Stuart's nameplates were placed over the much larger "Sir Handel" and "Peter Sam" nameplates covered with black tape. This is because the post-Mid Sodor scenes were filmed first.
  • Most of the whistle sounds were omitted in the early UK release and the US version.
  • The Mandarin dub of this episode credits George Carlin as the narrator, and the Hindi dub credits Michael Angelis.
  • The cab roof from a scrap Thomas model can be seen.
  • The crawler tractor from TUGS is visible when Stuart and Falcon bash into each other.
  • This episodes marks the first use of a few face masks:
    • Thomas' offended/depressed face mask, which would later be frequently used between the fifth and eleventh series.
    • Thomas' content face mask.
    • Toby's angry face mask first used on screen.


  • As the narrator says "Other engines came and went..." Stuart is wearing his Peter Sam nameplate.
  • In the British and international versions, Skarloey and Falcon have Rheneas' whistle sound in some scenes, Rheneas has Skarloey's whistle sound and Duke has Falcon's whistle sound in some scenes.
  • Wires from the servos can be seen coming out from under Skarloey and going into the red coach. 
  • When Duck says that the story must have a happy ending, a crack can be seen in his face mask next to his eye.
  • Duck's handrail is loose on the front of his smokebox.
  • Immediately after the narrator says "Duke was proud of this and loved to keep the little engines in order," Duke's eyes appear to shift further back into his face mask.
  • In the alternate shot of Stuart and Falcon bashing into each other, the props and mountain can be seen through their cabs.
  • In the shot of Smudger's second on-screen crash, the front truck shakes.
  • In a promotional image of Duke, Stuart and Falcon, Duke is seen wearing Falcon's cross face.


[first lines]
Narrator: One winter's night, when the cold wind blew, the engines found it hard to sleep.
Toby: What we need, is to listen to a story.
Percy: Yes. A mysterious story.
Duck: But, it must have a happy ending.
Thomas: Driver told me a story.
[cut to the scene taking place at an old railway a very long time ago]
Thomas: Once upon a time...
Story: There were three little engines who lived in their own little shed on their own little railway. Their names were Duke, Stuart and Falcon. Duke was the oldest and was named after his grace, the Duke of Sodor. He was proud of this and love to keep the little ones in order.

[Stuart and Falcon collide face-to-face with their trucks]
Narrator: Whenever they did anything that Duke thought wrong, he would say...
Duke: That would never suit his Grace.

Stuart and Falcon: Engines come and engines go. Granpuff goes on forever.
Duke: You impertinent scalywags. Whatever are you engines coming to?
Stuart: Never mind, Granpuff.
Falcon: We're only young once.
Duke: Well, you'd better mind, unless you want to end up like Smudger.
Stuart/Falcon: Oh, Granpuff, whatever happened?!
Duke: Smudger was a showoff. [has a flashback of said engine] He rode roughly and often came off the rails. I warned him to be careful, but he took no notice.
Smudger: Listen, Dukey. Who worries about a few spills?
Duke: "We do here", I said, but Smudger just laughed.
Smudger: [laughs] Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!
Duke: Until one day, manager said he was going to make him useful at last. Smudger stopped laughing then.
[back to the present]
Stuart: Well, why? What did he do?
Duke: He turned him into a generator. He's still out there behind our shed. He'll never move again!

[after the railway permanently shuts down, people come to purchase engines]
People: We'll take Stuart and Falcon.
Narrator: No one wanted Duke. They thought him too old.
Stuart: Cheer up, Granpuff. We'll find you a nice railway and then you can come and keep us in order.
[later, Duke is oiled and greased, covered in a tarpaulin, and then tucked away in a shed]
Duke: Oh well. I'll go to sleep. It'll help pass the time.

[last lines]
Percy: That's not a happy ending.
Thomas: Ah, there will be one, but that'll have to wait until next time.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 小老头
Czech Dědeček
Danish Store Fut
Dutch Prins Puf
Finnish Pappa-Veturi
French Grand-Souffle
German Die Opamotive
Greek Μια ωραια ιστορία
Hungarian Nagypöff
Italian Vecchio Sbuffo
Japanese ガミガミじいさん
Norwegian Storetøff
Polish Dziadek
Romanian Bunicuţul
Russian Дед Пуфф
Serbian Deda Puf
Slovak Vojvoda
Slovenian Dedek
Spanish Granpuff
Swedish Storetuff
Thai ดุ๊กหัวรถจักรเก่าถูกลืม
Ukrainian Старе Пихкало
Welsh Taid

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