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The Green Express Coaches are primarily used for the Express in the television series. They are often used for other fast trains on both the Branch and Main Lines.


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The green coaches have appeared since the first series and are primarily used for the express. These coaches are commonly pulled by Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Rebecca. Thomas and Emily have also pulled these coaches on a few occasions. Whiff has also pulled these coaches at least once. Between the thirteenth and fifteenth series, the coaches seemed to be exclusive to Gordon as he was the only engine ever seen pulling them. Since the sixteenth series, however, other engines have occasionally been seen pulling them again.

There are at least six composite coaches and two brake coaches as seen in Meet the Steam Team, with two rakes being pulled by Rebecca and Gordon with three composites each alongside a brake coach.

The coaches have been through several incidents throughout history, such as being derailed at Knapford by a defiant act on Thomas's part, having been taken by an oblivious Samson to the Blue Mountain Quarry mistakenly, being pulled by Thomas and leaving several passengers scattered before a party, being pulled by Percy when Dowager Hatt was temporarily running the railway, being coupled to Spencer and taken to Ulfstead Castle, and having fish wagons coupled behind them for an entire express run. Duck also asked to borrow them for taking schoolchildren, but Gordon refused before the pannier tank finished.


Between the first and third series, these coaches were sentient despite not having faces. Like many coaches on Sodor, they do not appreciate being bumped by an engine and if they are not handled properly, they can get back at their engine.

Technical Details


The models of the coaches were based upon SR Maunsell Coaches without corridors. They have broad windows on one side and narrow windows on the other.

Shorter variants of these coaches were introduced in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, which completely replaced the long coaches from the second series and the original coaches with grey roofs from the first series.

Since the CGI Series, the coach designs had been altered to be much taller and thinner compared to the previous ones.

Types of designs in the Model era:

Types of designs in the CGI era:


The original coaches from the first series were painted dark green with cream window surrounds and grey rooftops. The longer coaches introduced in the second series had white window surrounds with black rooftops. They were painted into a first series style livery in the third series.

The short variants first appeared in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. They were painted dark green with cream window surrounds and black rooftops. By the sixth series, they gained a yellow stripe running down each side.


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  • One of the coaches from the HiT Entertainment model series is owned by Dalek89.
  • One of the coaches made for Series 2 is owned by Twitter user ThomasTankMerch.
  • Two composite coaches and one brake coach are on display at Drayton Manor and one formerly displayed at Nitrogen Studios.
  • Before Tim Reynolds' Twitter account, tim_XLVI got deleted, he posted a picture of a Series 2 express coach without its axles and wheels. He was one of the original production crew members on the original model series. He acquired the model during a cleanout at Shepperton Studios and kept it under his bed.

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