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“Thomas, you could have won."
"I know but you were in trouble and some things are more important than winning.”
―Raul and Thomas

Grudge Match is the tenth episode of the twenty-third series.


Thomas is working on the Brazilian Railway when he reunites with Raul, as he remembers him for the great railway show. While they and Gabriela are talking, a beach ball flies in and Raul decides to try a game of Keepy-Uppy. Thomas accidently blows the ball skyward, but it is retrieved by Emerson before it splashes into the water. The game then continues until Raul knocks it into one of Fernando's trucks to score a goal. Although Thomas says they were supposed to keep the ball up in the air, Raul does not care as he still got it into the truck.

Raul and Thomas compare their love of games, so they decide to compete in some. They start by racing to see who can deliver their loads first, which Raul initially starts to win after Thomas becomes too distracted by the sights of Brazil. Thomas, however, picks up speed and the race is a draw when they first deliver their trucks. However, Thomas beats Raul on the journey back to the docks by a buffer.

Raul convinces Thomas to race against him again, so as to be given a chance to beat him. This time, Raul is able to beat Thomas. Although he boasts about being the greatest, Gabriela points out to him that he and Thomas are tied because they have both won something. Raul decides that they have a test of strength, which Thomas accepts. While they are both pulling their trucks, Raul accidentally snaps his coupling and is sent racing onto the edge of the rail dock. Bravely, Thomas has himself uncoupled and is able to pull Raul to safety.

Raul is shocked at what Thomas did, to which Thomas states that there are more important things than winning. Raul confesses about his competitive nature being because he has wanted to beat Thomas in something ever since Thomas beat him in the Great Railway Show. However, he can see that being friends with Thomas is more important. He then states about delivering some more trucks with Thomas, while also offering to show him some shortcuts with great views... Just before instantly failing another Keepy-Uppy round. Luckily, he accepts defeat.





US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Federico Trujillo as Raul
  • Monica Lopera as Gabriela
  • Laura Cucurulllo as Cassia
  • Gabriel Porras as Emerson and the Crowd


  • Going by production order, this is the eleventh episode of the twenty-third series.
  • The title is a likely reference to the 2013 film of the same name.
  • Stock footage from The Great Race is used, as well as a reference to said special in the episode.
  • This episode marked the first of many things:
    • The first time that Federico Trujillo voiced Raul, taking over from Rob Rackstraw.
    • The first time Raul, Gina, Frieda, Axel, Carlos, Ivan, the Mainland Diesels (albeit as non-speaking roles in stock footage) and Emerson appeared in an episode. Gina herself reappears in All Tracks Lead to Rome.
    • Raul, Gina, Frieda, Axel, and Ivan's first appearances since their debuts.
    • The Mainland Diesels' first appearances since Journey Beyond Sodor.
    • Emerson's first appearance since his debut, as well as the first time he is referred by name.
  • This marks Frieda, Axel, Carlos, Ivan, and The Mainland Diesels' only appearances in the twenty-third series, as well as their last appearances in the franchise overall, expect one of the Mainland Diesels.
  • This marks Emerson and Raul's only appearances in the twenty-third series.
  • Thomas saving Raul from falling off the ferry dock is similar to how he was saved by Ashima in The Great Race.
  • On the Nick Jr. US airing of this episode, it was paired with The Other Big Engine.


  • In the very first shot, one of the yard lamps on the left-hand side of the yard (viewer's perspective) is floating.
  • When Raul shouts "Goal!", it is out of sync with the animation.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Competição Rancorosa
Dutch De Herkansing
Estonian Vaenuvõistlus
Finnish Kauna Ottelu
German Freunde und Gewinner
Indonesian Pertandingan Kereta
Italian La Rivincita
Japanese まけずぎらいのラウル
Korean 누가 누가 잘하나!
Latin American Spanish Batalla de Envidia
Latvian Dusmu Cīņa
Lithuanian Pavyduolių Mačas
Polish Pojedynek
Russian Матч-реванш
Spanish La Revancha

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