Guanabara Bay ​​​​is a harbour located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cassia resides here.


Thomas & Friends

In Big World! Big Adventures!, Thomas and Nia arrived at this harbour alongside Ace, to follow him through the Amazon Rainforest on his around-the-world trip. Sir Topham Hatt later visited the harbour in hopes of catching up to Thomas.

Thomas revisited the harbour in the twenty-third series and accidentally caused Cassia to knock some crates of mangoes off of a flatbed Gabriela was shunting which Gustavo ran into. Raul later challenged Thomas to various competitions here.

Rolling Stock





  • The trackplan for Guanabara Bay is reused from that of Brendam Docks.
  • In the twenty-third series, the set for Guanabara Bay underwent some changes. These included:
    • The removal of the pink hammerhead crane.
    • The addition of catenary on the far line for Gustavo.


Thomas & Friends

CGI Series


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