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Guess Who? Puzzles are 30-second puzzle sequences made up of screenshots of various characters from Series 13 through The Great Race. The images are divided on a 12-piece template and follow a sequence of assembly as an instrumental clip of Thomas, You're the Leader plays in the background. Generally, the featured character's whistle, horn, bell or siren sound plays at the end.

From 2010 to early 2013, the puzzles were narrated by Ben Small for UK audiences and Michael Brandon for US audiences. From fall 2013 to 2016, the puzzles were narrated by Mark Moraghan. The puzzles were often included as bonus features on various UK, US and Australian DVD releases, and also shown near the end of the US PBS half-hour airings from Series 13 to 20.


Ben Small/Michael Brandon/Mark Moraghan

Mark Moraghan only


  • There are two Guess Who? Puzzles for Thomas, one with a blue background and a screenshot from Thomas and the Pigs, and another with a yellow background and a screenshot from Creaky Cranky.
  • All the Guess Who? Puzzles were released on DVD except Jack's, which was exclusively shown on PBS.


  • Ben Small and Michael Brandon's versions of James' Guess Who? Puzzle uses Gordon's whistle. This was later corrected for Mark Moraghan's version.