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Gullane Entertainment was a production company owned by Britt Allcroft.


The "Gullane Entertainment" name (derived from their US distribution arm Gullane Pictures, which also produced several feature films) was adopted on 7 September 2000 after Britt Allcroft stepped down as sole producer at the Britt Allcroft Company.[1]

Under the new name, the company produced the feature film Thomas and the Magic Railroad (under their Gullane Pictures arm) and Series 6.

Throughout the years, Gullane bought many franchises to go along with Thomas and "Magic Adventures of Mumfie", including "Sooty", "Art Attack", "Fireman Sam", "James the Cat", "Captain Pugwash" and "Eckhart".

Charles Falzon served as President of Gullane Entertainment and it was co-founded by Britt Allcroft and Angus Wright.

The original end-board of the official name can be found on sixth season videos in Australia, as well the US DVD Salty's Secret and the UK DVD The Fogman.

Gullane Entertainment was acquired by HiT Entertainment in 2002 and went defunct by 2003.[2] In 2012, HiT themselves had been purchased by Mattel. In March 2016, HiT merged with Mattel Playground Productions to form Mattel Creations, a company created to bring all content creation units together under Mattel’s Chief Content Officer Catherine Balsam-Schwaber.


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  • Gullane Entertainment was acquired by HiT Entertainment in 2002, but the copyright of Thomas & Friends remained "Gullane (Thomas) Limited." or "Gullane (Thomas) LLC.", which is still used in all merchandise.
  • Gullane purchased Guinness World Records for $65 million in 2001, but HiT's owner sold the GWR to the Jim Pattison Group in early 2008.[3]


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