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There are two types of Gunpowder Wagons seen in the television series.

D. Fusit Gunpowder Wagons

These gunpowder wagons (or simply known as "D. Fusit") are covered vans used for transporting gunpowder. Because gunpowder is very dangerous, engines must take the most careful way when shunting them, and they are usually put in the middle of trains for safety.

They have only appeared in the fourth series.


Thomas & Friends

These wagons were used on the Mid Sodor Railway prior to it's closure[2]. They have also been seen quite frequently on the Skarloey Railway[3].

These vans carry gunpowder and similar explosives to the mines and quarries on the Island of Sodor. They are normally put in the middle of the trains to lower the risk of front or rear-end collisions[4].

Technical Details


These gunpowder vans are based on the Curtis's & Harvey Number 152 gunpowder van used on the Ffestiniog Railway.


The gunpowder vans were painted black with "D. FUSIT" on the sides in white and "GUNPOWDER" underneath in red.



  • The name "D. Fusit" is a play on words of "De-Fuse It".
  • Despite being portrayed as faceless and non-sentient wagons, the ERTL packaging refers to "D. Fusit" as a male sentient character[5].


  • ERTL (discontinued)

Blue Mountain Quarry Gunpowder Wagons

These wagons are seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry. They transport gunpowder use for blasting rock and mining.

Some derailed gunpowder wagons have also been seen scattered around the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Technical Details


The gunpowder vans are based on 2 foot gauge gunpowder vans used to carry gunpowder from Porthmadog to the Blaenau Ffestiniog quarries on the Ffestiniog Railway.


They are painted grey and dark green and have explosives hazard warnings on them.



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