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Happy Birthday Thomas! is an album released by Mattel in 2020 to celebrate the franchise's 75th anniversary. It features 22 songs from the television series. It also features three monologues featuring John Hasler and Joseph May as Thomas and one epilogue featuring the whole cast. These spoken-word monologues were written by Ian McCue, Mackenzie Murphy and Molly Regan.


  1. Thomas Theme**
  2. "Welcome to My Party!" *
  3. Party Train *
  4. A Thomas Birthday Wish *
  5. Don't Stop
  6. Roll Call
  7. Where in the World is Thomas?
  8. Big World! Big Adventures! Theme Song
  9. Steam Team Theme Song
  10. How Does it Work? *
  11. World of Wonder
  12. Monsters Everywhere
  13. Determination**
  14. "Friends are the Best Present!" *
  15. The Most Important Thing is Being Friends
  16. Best Friends Express
  17. We Make a Team Together
  18. Sometimes You Make a Friend
  19. Streamlining
  20. Adventure Song (Journey Never Ends)
  21. "Thanks for Coming!" *
  22. "Happy Birthday to You" *

* New for the album

** From The Model Era


  • "Don't Stop" combines both the original version and the reprise together.
  • All the songs from the specials have their background sound effects left intact. Any with sound effects in official music videos also retain them in the album release.
  • This is the first of several online albums released towards the end of the original series.