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The Hara Model Railway Museum (Japanese: 原鉄道模型博物館), or simply the Hara Railway Museum, is a Japanese model railway museum located in Nishi-ku, Yokohama which houses some of the models used in the television series.


  • Thomas (Normal, Replica and Gauge 3.5 models) (Normal was previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Edward (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Henry (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Gordon (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • James (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Percy (normal and Gauge 3.5 models) (Normal was previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Toby (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Oliver (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Bill and Ben
  • Lady (Replica)
  • Mavis
  • Rheneas (Large model) (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)
  • Sir Handel (Large model)
  • Peter Sam (large model)
  • Duncan (Large model)
  • Rusty (large model) (Previously at Nitrogen Studios)

Rolling Stock

Non-rail vehicles


Large scale models


  • Some of the models were previously displayed at Nitrogen Studios and Thomas Town.
  • Some of the characters' parts are broken or missing:
    • Three of the axle boxes on Edward's tender are missing.
    • Two of the axle boxes on Henry's tender are missing.
    • The axle boxes on Gordon's tender are missing. His rear left buffer was previously missing, but it was repaired in 2017.
    • Thomas' Pack scale model has been missing his headlamp since he was displayed at Thomas Town.
    • In 2014, Gordon's Tender came loose, but this was fixed later on in 2015.
    • James' Cab Detailing is missing, thus exposing his motor.
    • In 2017, Gordon's front brake pipe had broken off and is now glued onto Edward, giving him two front brake pipes.
    • Percy's whistle and headlamp lens are missing.
    • Donald and Douglas' eye mechanisms were broken when they were shipped to the museum. As a quick fix, the museum painted eyes for them.
    • Donald's tender is missing one of his buffers.
    • Clarabel was missing one of her buffers, but it was luckily repaired in 2016.
    • Henrietta is missing one of her buffers.
    • Harold was originally displayed without his mouth, but he has since regained it and been given a surprised expression.
    • The back of Ben's cab is missing, exposing his motor.
    • In 2019, Oliver has lost the handrail on his left side tank, as well as his right lamp iron.
    • As of 2020, Edward's whistle broke off.
  • The models are displayed in the state of their last use in filming of the twelfth series. This is why some of the engines have their happy, smiling, laughing, and content faces, whilst Gordon and Mavis have their concerned face masks, Toby has his scared face mask and Henry has his sad face mask.
  • James most likely does not have a full eye mechanism since his model was previously seen with a CGI motion tracker (used in the twelfth series to track the CGI faces on the engines while they were moving during production) while it was on display at Nitrogen Studios and is wearing a fake happy face mask.
  • The museum decorates the models during Christmas.
  • The models of Thomas, Bill, Ben, Annie and Clarabel were used as references for CoolProps, who are making replicas of those characters.

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