This article is about the 2003 magazine story. You may be looking for the De Agostini magazine story.
“Are you here to take the mail, Harold? I'll stand by with the rescue team!”
―Percy teasing Harold

Harold's Bad Day is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Sometimes, Harold is given the job of taking the mail, something which angers Percy, who firmly believes that delivering the mail is an engine's job. One day, Percy is doing his favourite job - pulling the mail train. Up ahead, a broken signal means Percy has to wait. Percy fears he will be late, but Harold arrives and offers to take the mail. So Percy's driver loads the mail bags into Harold's cargo net. His pilot advises that they only take a few at a time, but Harold objects stating that doing so would make him as slow as Percy.

Soon, all of the mail bags are in Harold's cargo net and Harold takes off. But the weight of the cargo net takes its toll and Harold falls from the sky and into a giant haystack. Percy is concerned, but Harold is unhurt. Percy gets Harold out of the haystack as quickly as possible.

Next day, Harold's engine is fixed and he is flying again. He comes to visit Percy in the yard. Percy cannot resist teasing Harold, but the helicopter takes it in good spirits and thanks Percy for helping him out of the haystack. Percy reminds Harold that helping each other is what friends do.





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