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This article is about the De Agostini magazine story. You may be looking for the 2003 magazine story.
“Fancy taking the mail again, Harold? I'll stand by with a rescue team!”

Harold's Bad Day is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Harold hovers over Sodor looking out for anyone in trouble, including engines. He flies over the railway lines checking for fallen rocks. One morning, Harold wakes up early and decides to help Percy by taking the engine's mail for him. Percy is not pleased; delivering the mail is an engine's job.

Percy puffs off with the mail train, but there is a broken signal on his line. Percy has to wait for an engineer to fix it. The Fat Controller is having breakfast in his office when he hears the news. He instructs for Harold to take the mail instead. So Harold flies to the broken signal. The pilot can see the mail sacks are heavy and thinks they should do two or three trips, but Harold does not think this is a good idea; if he makes two or three trips, he will be as slow as Percy. All of the bags are loaded into Harold's cargo net and he takes off. He has not gone far when his engine starts to make loud spluttering noises and he then starts to wobble from side-to-side. From the ground, Percy can clearly see that Harold is in trouble. He tells Harold that there is a pile of straw in the next field that he can land in. Harold struggles away from the trees and manages to land safely on the straw. Then Percy races to fetch help.

Harold's engine is soon mended and he flies back to the engine sheds. Percy cannot resist teasing Harold, but even the boastful helicopter has to laugh. Harold then thanks Percy for helping him. Percy happily says that is what friends are for.