“I take my orders from the Fat Controller, not a cheeky helicopter!”

Harold's View is a magazine story.


Henry is working in the forest by the lake. As he is going about his work, Harold hovers above and stops him from moving. Henry enquires as to what the helicopter is doing, but Harold will not say anything and flies away, leaving Henry stewing. Later, Harold stops Duck on his branch line and then buzzes away to his next job. By lunchtime, Harold is hovering over an old railway bridge on James' line. For reasons unknown to James, Harold is surprisingly pleased to see him. In the afternoon, Harold arrived at Farmer Collett's farm. Thomas asks him what he was up to but, as usual, Harold just flies away.

That evening, all of the engines talk about Harold in the shed, when suddenly, he arrives! Harold informs them all that he was not interfering in the railway he was taking panoramic photographs for a new book entitled: "Sodor From the Air". He tells them that the book will be available for Christmas and that all the engines are featured in the photos.




  • Harold is too wide to land on the turntable.
  • In the illustration showing Henry, James, and Duck in the sheds, it looks as if Duck's bunker is missing.


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