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“You're a really useful engine, or, should I say you're a really useful crane!"
"I'm both!”
―Porter and Harvey[src]

Harvey the Crane Engine is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Harvey is a very special crane because he can move under his own power to where he is needed, unlike Rocky, Merrick and Cranky.

One day, Harvey is at Brendam Docks loading some flatbeds. Porter pulls up to say hello; he has never seen a crane engine before. Henry is supposed to collect the flatbeds, but he is delayed so Porter asks Harvey to take them. Harvey is not sure; he does not usually haul cargo, he does not think he will be very good at it. Porter reminds Harvey that he is not just a crane, he is an engine as well. Harvey decides to give it a try. He feels very proud as he pulls the flatbeds out of Brendam.

Soon, Harvey begins to climb Gordon's Hill. The steeper the hill gets, the heavier the flatbeds become. It is not long before Harvey reaches the summit of the hill and races down the other side. The heavy flatbeds make Harvey go too fast to be safe. As a result, when they round a corner, the flatbeds come right off the rails. Then, Harvey remembers that he is not just an engine, he is a crane as well. He can use his hook to re-rail the flatbeds which is exactly what he does.

Soon, Harvey has put all of the flatbeds back onto the rails. He safely delivers the flatbeds to Vicarstown where the Fat Controller is waiting for him. The Fat Controller calls Harvey a really useful engine which makes the crane engine feel very proud.



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