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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Story Library book.

“Whenever that owl hoots, a mist rolls in. And there's a legend that when the mist's about, there's a ghost about too. Take care on the old line, Henry."
"Stupid bird.”
―Edward and Henry

Haunted Henry is the eleventh episode of the fifth series. It aired back to back with Toad Stands By on Storytime with Thomas in 1999 in the US.


One evening, Henry is working late with Edward when an owl hoots. Edward warns Henry that when the owl hoots, a mist will roll in and a ghost will appear. Henry scoffs at the story and sets off with his goods train, believing there is no mist. But is surprised when a mist does roll in. He has to slow down at an amber lamp and after seeing a sign saying "Beware of the viaduct," a closed crossing gate, a red signal, a fogman's coat discarded on a tree branch and a light flickering at a station. Henry's crew decide to turn back, believing that there's a ghost roaming around the old line.

The next day, they discover that a nearby viaduct was unsafe and would have collapsed if they had tried to cross. Later, Henry's driver informs him that the viaduct has been repaired and they can try to cross again that night. But Henry is too scared and doesn't want to.

Stop, stop!

Henry is getting prepared to leave with his train that night (this time pushing instead of pulling it) when he gets spooked after hearing an owl hoot and Gordon speeding by with the Express. This leads to the trucks teasing him, so Henry orders them to be quiet and claims that he isn't scared. But he still is as the guard blows his whistle, and he sets off down the line.

Later, the fog came down the old line, Henry and his crew see the amber lamp again. The crossing gates close and the signal turns red by themselves mysteriously. Despite how scared they are, the trucks charge forward through the gates and a mysterious figure watches Henry pass by. Worse still, ahead is a landslide on the line in front of the viaduct. Henry slams on his brakes, but it's too late. The trucks hit the rubble, derail and plunge into the ravine that the viaduct goes over. Soon, the mysterious figure arrives on a pump trolley; it's actually the fogman, Old Bailey, who reprimands Henry's crew for not heeding his warnings. Henry's driver apologises and to make up for it, the Fat Controller reopens the station and Old Bailey is made the stationmaster, who is dubbed as "The Friendliest Ghost on the Island."




  • Stock footage from Thomas, Percy and the Dragon is used.
  • This episode could have been inspired by the magazine story, The Strange Light.
  • A rare picture implies that Gordon may have been intended to play a larger role in this episode.
  • This episode marks the only episode of two things:
    • The only episode to feature LNER 12 Ton Vans with large square faces. However this would occur again after the show's production at events and Drayton Manor Theme Park.
    • The episode features two truck faces not seen in any other episodes outside of deleted scenes.
    • The only time Old Bailey has been referred to by name, his only appearance in the model series, and his only appearance until Blue Mountain Mystery and his only appearance in an episode until the seventeenth series episode, Luke's New Friend.
  • On PBS Kids Sprout airings of this episode, the line "stupid" was removed.
  • This episode marks the only time the Troublesome Trucks caused an accident unintentionally.
  • On The Roku Channel, this episode is titled Henry and the Haunted Station.


  • Some light stands appear in the opening scenes.
  • In the close-up of Henry looking angry, there appears to be a mark under his nose.
  • When Henry puffs under the bridge saying "There's no mist," studio equipment can be seen in the top left corner.
  • Studio equipment is visible in the top right corner when Henry first puffs through the fog.
  • Only the front gate of the level crossing closes, as the back gate is already shut.
  • On the tree with the 'Beware the Viaduct' sign, the fogman's coat is hanging from a branch. But in a few scenes prior, the same coat is hanging from a branch on a different tree with the amber lamp.
  • Henry's rear driving wheels are derailed when Thomas passes through Wellsworth.
  • In the head-on shot of Henry with James puffing by, Henry's eyes are wonky.
  • Two of Henry's trucks switch places in his train when he pushes it back into the fog.
  • While approaching the gates and smashing them and going down the ravine, the open truck in the front is missing his eyebrows.
  • When the trucks fall into the ravine, a track on the side of the ravine can be seen leading downwards.
  • After the trucks fall into the ravine, either Henry's driver or fireman can be seen leaning out of the cab, but in the next shot, they are both standing beside the track.
  • In the second close up shot of the owl, the shot is moving around.
  • The tracks at the level crossing disappear when the trucks crash into the gates.
  • When the narrator says "A mysterious figure watched Henry go by," the two open trucks and two of the vent vans disappear.
  • Henry's trucks' faces continually keep facing away and towards him from the point he leaves Wellsworth until the point when they crash.
  • When the trucks land at the bottom of the ravine, one truck's face almost falls off.
  • When the narrator says "By morning, the mist had cleared," the workman that is talking to Henry's driver has a brown cap. But when the workman says "Lucky you didn't cross the viaduct last night," he has a blue cap.


Narrator: It was a moonlit night. UK dub:The big green engine was taking a goods train to the station by the lake./US dub: Henry was taking a goods train to the station by the lake.
(owl hoots)
Edward: Whenever that owl hoots, a mist rolls in. And there's a legend that when the mist is about, there's a ghost about, too. Take care on the old line, Henry.
Henry: Stupid bird!

Henry: Owls, mists, ghosts-- Edward's going soft in the boiler. There's no mist!

Truck: Oh, look! Henry's spooked.
(the Troublesome Trucks laugh)
Henry: Be quiet! I'm not scared!
Narrator: But he was.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Albanian Henri de Fantazmat
Arabic مسكون هنري
Brazilian Portuguese Henry Assombrado
Chinese Mandarin 亨利遇見鬼
Czech Jindrův duch
Danish Henry ser spøgelser
Dutch Henry ziet spoken
French Henri Hanté
German Henry und der Spuk
Greek Ο Τσάρλι είναι στοιχειωμένο
Hungarian Henry és a szellemek
Italian Henry Stregato
Japanese きりのなかのできごと
Korean 안개 속의 유령
Latin American Spanish Los Fantasmas de Henry
Norwegian Det spøker for Henry
Polish Duchy (Original)
Nawiedzony Henio (Alternate)
Romanian Henry e Bântuit
Russian Генри и приведение
Slovenian Henrika prestrašijo duhovi
Swedish Spöklikt för Henry

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