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Hawin Doorey Castle, also known as Castle Causeway, is an old, ruined castle that stands near the causeway on the Skarloey Railway. It was first seen in the fourth series, but its name was not stated until the seventh series episode, Rheneas and the Roller Coaster. Since then, it had appeared in every series, except the eighth, until the twelfth.

The castle later returned in CGI in the eighteenth series episode, Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger.



  • Sodor Castle has had numerous modifications throughout the years:
    • Series 7:
      • The mountain and pine trees behind the castle disappeared.
      • The design of the castle changed.
    • Series 11:
      • The design of the castle changed again, sharing the same model with the Ruined Castle.
    • Series 18:
      • The mountain and pine trees returned.
      • The design of the castle returned to its original shape.
  • In the ninth and eleventh series, the building used for the castle was the same one used for the Ruined Castle.
  • In the seventh series song, The Red Balloon, James can be seen at the castle, but the line running over the causeway is narrow gauge, not standard gauge.
  • Hawin Doorey Castle was used to represent a location on the Mid Sodor Railway in the fourth series episode, You Can't Win. 

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