Headkeeper Jack is the head zookeeper at the Sodor Animal Park.


Thomas & Friends

When one of the Animal Park's elephants escaped following a tree breaking the enclosure wall, Headkeeper Jack helped Harold and Charlie find and recapture it.

One Christmas, the boiler that kept the animals in the park warm during the winter failed. Headkeeper Jack asked Thomas to check if the replacement had arrived at Brendam Docks. Due to the snowy weather, it was unlikely to arrive until after Christmas, so it was decided to send the animals to the Sodor Steamworks to keep warm. As a tunnel on the way was blocked, Thomas decided to take them to Tidmouth Sheds instead, however, he got stuck in a snowdrift. Headkeeper Jack helped the Park's elephants free Thomas from the drift and accompanied the animals during their stay at Tidmouth.


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Thomas & Friends

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