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“Howdy, everybody. Thomas is overloaded right now. I'll whistle for him!”

Heave Ho Thomas! is the sixth episode of the twelfth series.


Thomas is called to the docks to meet a new engine, who is reported to be very strong. The new engine, Hank, who has a broad American accent, calls Thomas little, to which the blue tank engine takes offence. So, when Thomas has to do some jobs and show Hank around, Thomas decides to take all the wagons to prove that he is not little, but all he does is crack his cylinder. Thomas then has to ask Hank for help. Hank agrees and the two engines deliver the trucks. They later arrive at Knapford station for Hank's welcome party.




  • Pre-filmed edited footage from Thomas Puts the Brakes On is used.
  • Hank's theme is an instrumental version of "Hail to the Chief."
  • The diesel engine from Emily and the Special Coaches is one of Thomas' loads.
  • The ship's boiler from Edward's Brass Band is seen in the Repair Yard.
  • In the episode, Henry, Gordon, James, and Percy do not have CGI faces when they are at Knapford, but they do in promotional images.
  • When Hank arrives at Knapford, his Driver is not in CGI.
  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Hank to date.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Farmer McColl in CGI.


  • The Fat Controller says "You are all here to welcome the new engine," but only Thomas and Percy are there.
  • When Thomas backs up to the machine trucks, his steam platform is visible.
  • The narrator refers to Thomas' backhead as his cylinder.
  • In the shot of Thomas' backhead, he does not have a driver or a fireman.
  • In a close-up of Thomas' wheels spinning at Farmer McColl's, Thomas has no face.
  • When Hank pushes Thomas into Knapford, Henry is wearing one of Gordon's face masks.
  • When Hank is talking at Knapford, the line behind him leads to bushes.
  • When Thomas says "Thank you, Hank," the engines' faces are improperly adjusted to the angle of the engines.
  • When Thomas and Hank arrived at the shunting yards, the coal trucks on the upper level are derailed.
  • When Hank greets Farmer McColl, Katie can be heard barking but has not been animated to do so.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Chinese 用力拉哟 托马斯
Czech A dost Tomáši
Finnish Tuomas Yrittää Liikaa
French Hank le costaud
German Thomas übernimmt
Indonesian Ayo Tarik, Thomas!
Italian Ciao a te Thomas!
Japanese すごいぞトーマス!
Portuguese Força Thomas
Slovak A dosť Thomas
Spanish Fuerza, Thomas!
Thai แฮงค์หัวรถจักรคันใหม่

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