“What name shall we give our new guest?"
"'Happy'? He is now, thanks to Rocky!”
―The ranger and Thomas

Helpful and 'Happy'! is a magazine story.


Thomas is delivering a giraffe to the Sodor Wildlife Park. He is chuffing very slowly, careful not to wheesh too much steam or whistle. Thomas stops at a station close to the park, but as they begin to lower the truck's door, it suddenly drops making a loud clanging noise. This frightens the giraffe, who runs off. The rangers chase after the giraffe in their truck, but it is no use. They need to catch it because they will soon be getting hungry. Then Neville passes by with Rocky, they are on their way home after rescuing a derailed wagon. Thomas has a clever idea and asks for Rocky to be left at the Wildlife Park. The rangers go to fetch a big yellow bag which they paint eyes on and use it to cover Rocky's hook. Next Thomas pulls Rocky to the trees where the giraffe is hiding. The giraffe, thinking that Rocky's crane arm is another giraffe, follows it into its new home. The rangers then wonder what to call their new guest and Thomas suggests "Happy" as that is what the giraffe is feeling, all thanks to Rocky.




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