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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode.

Helping Hiro is a Chinese DVD featuring five nineteenth series episodes. It is the fifty-fifth volume of Thomas and Friends DVDs in China.


Thomas first met Hiro when he found him left unrepaired and abandoned in some woods. Hiro was from very far away so it was not easy to get spare parts for him. So when Thomas spills some cargo causing Hiro to be derailed, he is very upset. Hiro is sent to the Steamworks and Thomas worries that he will be there for a very long time, so he goes back to the woods to see if he can find anything there that will help. Only Thomas hasn't told anyone where he is going, so when he runs into trouble nobody knows where to look for him!


  1. Helping Hiro
  2. Salty All At Sea
  3. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 1
  4. Diesel's Ghostly Christmas Part 2
  5. Den and Dart