“I'm having such a busy day, Gordon - the Flying Kipper and now all these trains!"
"Is that so?”
―Henry and Gordon

Henry's Busy Day is a magazine story.


It is Henry's turn to pull The Flying Kipper. He passes Thomas and remarks what a busy day he is having, but Thomas does not take much notice. A bit later, Henry is taking his usual daytime trains when he passes Gordon. Once again, Henry remarks how busy he is, but Gordon does not take much notice as he steams off with the express. Later, Henry's driver tells Henry that they have to take an extra train of school children to visit a factory. Henry tells Percy how busy he is, but Percy ignores him completely. After taking the children, Henry returns to the Main Station where he meets up with Edward. Henry asks Edward if he would like to hear about how busy he has been. But Edward does not have time and sets off.

Henry is upset and tells the Fat Controller that all his friends are not interested in how busy he has been. The Fat Controller sternly tells Henry that they have all been busier than Henry and that is why they do not have time to talk. He goes on to tell a surprised Henry that both Duck and James are at the Works and the others are having to do their work as well as their own. Then, the Fat Controller tells Henry that if he has time to tell other engines how busy he is; then he is not very busy at all.




  • Illustrations two and four are muddled up. Edward is painted green and is supposed to be Percy, and Percy is painted blue and is supposed to be Edward. However, in the re-release Edward and Percy are both in their correct colours.


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