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“I wish there was something we could do to help the forest."
"You can't mend broken trees.”
―Terence and Trevor

Henry's Forest is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using photographs from the television series.


The forest is Henry's favourite place on Sodor. He loves to see all of the trees and plants and also the animals that live there.

One night, the engines can hear strong winds outside. Henry is concerned about the wind damaging the trees in the forest and decides that he will go and check the following morning.

By morning, the wind has died down, but the damage has already been done. Henry can see tiles that have blown from the shed roof and fences that have blown over. He is worried about what he will see when he gets to the forest.

At the forest, Henry's worst fears are confirmed. The wind has blown down lots of trees and the workmen start to load the tree trunks onto Henry's flatbeds. The tree trunks are taken to the timber mill where they can be turned into tables and chairs. Terence and Trevor are also in the forest helping to clear away the fallen trees. Terence wishes there was something they could do, but Trevor says that they cannot mend broken trees.

A few days later, the Fat Controller arrives to see Toby who tells him that all of the engines, especially Henry, are upset about the fallen trees. The Fat Controller then orders Toby to take some trucks of new young trees to the forest for planting. Toby is thrilled.

When Henry returns to the forest from a trip to the timber mill, he finds Terence, Trevor and Toby waiting for him; they are planting new trees which delights Henry. Terence tells Henry that the forest will soon look better than ever. Henry is so pleased that his wonderful forest is being mended and that all of the wildlife will return. And, as all the trees grow bigger, sure enough, the wildlife does return.





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