“Yes, well, engines who don't pull their trains properly do get stuck in tunnels. They deserve it but it's such a shame for the coaches or freight cars they are pulling. They get left in the tunnel as well.”
―Edward, getting the trucks to behave

Henry's Freight Cars is a magazine story.


Henry is taking a long train of trucks across the island. At a station, Diesel tells Henry that he feels sorry for the trucks because they are being pulled by a silly engine like Henry. One truck questions why Henry is silly and Diesel replies by recalling when Henry once hid in a tunnel because of the rain and was bricked up by Sir Topham Hatt. The trucks find this funny and laugh all the way to Wellsworth, where Henry takes on water. Edward finds their laughing rude and asks why they are laughing. The trucks tell Edward what Diesel had said. Edward then gets the trucks quiet by saying that he feels sorry for the coaches or trucks that would stay shut up with the engine in the tunnel. The trucks are scared at the thought and remain silent for the rest of the trip, making Henry feel much happier.




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