“I should have known there was no such thing as ghosts!”

Henry's Ghost is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


It is Halloween and the railway workers' children are having a party. Thomas is given the job of taking them to and from the main station. That night, he tells all of the other engines about it. Thomas tells them there was dancing, Halloween foods and people dressed up as ghosts. Henry does not think it sounds very fun.

The next morning, Henry is still thinking about ghosts. The fog is thick as Henry makes his way to the docks. As he puffs along, he hears a strange squeaking noise. Henry thinks it is a ghost and races away. After Henry has gone, Charlie emerges from the fog. The squeaking was coming from his wheels and he is on his way to get them oiled at the Sodor Steamworks.

As Henry passes Rolf's Castle, he sees a strange white figure dancing in the air. This time Henry is certain it is ghost. He is too scared to stay and find out what it really is and puffs away quickly. Henry enters the Steamworks and tells Victor that he has seen and heard a ghost. Then, the squeaky noise starts up again and the ghostly figure appears. Henry thinks the ghost has followed him. Suddenly, Edward appears pulling Rocky who is carrying some crates covered in a white sheet. Then, Charlie puffs in with his squeaky wheels. Henry feels very silly when he realises that he had been scared by a white sheet and some squeaky wheels.



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