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“Well done, Henry!”
―the Bird Watcher

Henry's Good Deeds is the eighteenth episode of the thirteenth series.


The Sodor Warbler, a rare bird, has returned to the Island of Sodor, so the engines are taking visitors to see it. Henry's task is to collect the nesting pole and take it to Bluff's Cove. During his journey, Henry stops when he sees Thomas stopped to allow Farmer McColl and his sheep to go across the railway. Farmer McColl thanks Thomas for doing a good deed, which makes Henry want to do good deeds too.

Henry carries on up the line when he sees some pigs right by the track. He assumes the pigs want to get across the railway to play in the muddy field. So, Henry waits and then, the pigs go across the tracks and play in the muddy field, much to the annoyance of Farmer Trotter as he wanted his pigs to be clean for the county fair. Henry feels bad, and tries to make amends by reversing to allow the pigs some more space. However, his hissing causes the pigs to panic and spill crates of apples onto the track, just as Thomas arrives in the opposite direction with bird watchers aboard Annie and Clarabel. As the pigs are eating the apples, Thomas cannot move yet.

Henry decides to take the bird watchers for Thomas to Fenland Fields, where the Sodor Warbler has been seen. However, upon arrival at Fenland Field, Henry blows his whistle, scaring the Sodor Warbler so much that it flies away. This makes Henry feel worse than ever, as he still had not delivered the nesting pole to Bluff's Cove either.

On his way to Bluff's Cove, Henry sees a bird landing on his left buffer and gives it a ride to Bluff's Cove. To Henry's surprise, he brought the Sodor Warbler to the bird watchers at the station, who are very happy to see the rare bird. Thomas is pleased for Henry too, and Henry realises that he really did a good deed without even knowing it.







  • This is the only episode in which Martin Sherman voices the Bird Watcher in the US Dub.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Bluff's Cove since the tenth series episode, James the Second Best and its first appearance in CGI.
  • This was the last episode to air on Sprout, on 26 September 2015.


  • When Henry whistles goodbye, he has a different whistle sound.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Catalan Les Bones Obres d'en Henry
Chinese 亨利做好事
Czech Henryho Dobré Skutky
Danish Henrys Gode Gerninger
Finnish Päivän Hyvä Tö
French Henry fait une bonne action
German Henry will helfen
Greek Οι καλές πράξεις του Χένρι
Hungarian Henry jótettei
Indonesian Perbuatan Baik Henry
Italian Le Buone Azioni di Henry
Japanese えらいぞヘンリー
Korean 헨리와 휘파람새
Norwegian Henrys gode gjerninger
Polish Dobre Uczynki Henia
Romanian Faptele Bune ale lui Henry
Russian Доброе дело
Slovak Henryho dobré skutky
Spanish Las Buenas Obras de Henry
Swedish Henrys goda gärningar
Thai เฮนรี่ทำความดี
Welsh Cymwynas Henri

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