“My valves ache and my water's warm!"
"That won't stop you from working!”
―Henry and Percy

Henry's Hoax is a magazine story.


Henry is feeling lazy. He does not want to work and so complains that his valves ache and his water is warm. Percy tells him that that is not a good enough reason to be spared work, but Henry has another idea. When his driver arrives, Henry hisses weakly. The driver thinks Henry has lost his voice and concludes that Henry must go to the Works to be mended. Soon, while Henry is being escorted to the Works by Percy, he is shocked to see that it is full of ill engines. Henry had expected it to be more like a holiday. Soon, a mechanic comes to inspect him. This time Henry changes his tune and tells the mechanic that his voice has returned and that he would like to go back to work. This is not good enough for the mechanic, who is determined to find out why Henry had lost his voice. So he starts stripping and cleaning Henry's parts.

Later, his driver returns and the mechanic winks at him. He tells the driver that Henry is not in good shape and may have to retire and become a hen house. Henry is horrified and blurts out that he was only pretending to lose his voice. The Fat Controller overhears Henry's confession and is very cross. He tells Henry that he takes a dim view on lazy engines and, although he will not be retired, he will pull goods trains for a month. Henry is upset, but relieved and promises never to play hoaxes again.




  • Blotches of yellow appear on the second illustration.
  • The top of Percy's coal bunker should be black.
  • In one illustration, the tracks do not have spikes.
  • In one illustration, Percy's eyebrows are missing.


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