“Ooooh! This isn't good for me!"
"Nonsense, Henry. The trouble with you is you're lazy. I don't think you know what hard work is!”
―Henry and his new driver

Henry's New Driver is a magazine story.


Henry's driver has been taken ill, so a relief takes over. Henry hopes that the relief driver will be as nice as his normal driver and understands how to handle him. Then the Fat Controller walks into the shed with a thin, sour-faced man following behind. The Fat Controller introduces the stern-looking man as Henry's stand-in driver. Henry's new driver wastes no time in telling Henry that he wants to show the Fat Controller what a good driver he is and if Henry does not work hard and fast, he will get extremely cross with him. Henry is worried; his new driver does not seem very nice at all. Henry pulls out of his shed and is coupled to his coaches.

As Henry steams along, his new driver orders him to go faster. Henry tries to explain that going fast is not good for him, but the driver thinks Henry is just lazy. The driver orders the fireman to stoke up the fire and calls for Henry to go even faster.

By the time he reaches the next station, Henry has had enough. He stops at the platform and refuses to move. The Fat Controller arrives on Percy to see what is the matter. When the Fat Controller hears about how the new driver had made Henry run, he is very cross. The Fat Controller explains that Henry is a hard worker, but is very highly-strung and has to be treated kindly. The new driver apologises to Henry and when they leave the station, the driver allows Henry to run at his normal speed.

That evening, when Henry returns to the sheds, his driver thanks him and calls him a hard-working engine. Henry is very pleased; his new driver is not so bad after all. But he is still very glad when his regular driver returns.




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