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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the Thai DVD.

“I wish the wishing tree would last forever and ever!”

Henry Gets it Wrong is the fifth episode of the twelfth series.


One summer morning, the Fat Controller comes to the sheds with bad news that a summer storm hit and that the wishing tree was struck by lightning. The Fat Controller tells Henry to collect some tree specialists from the docks and take them to the forest before their boat leaves for the Mainland.

Henry arrives at the forest on his way to the docks and is shocked to see the wishing tree had fallen. When Edward tells Henry that sometimes trees cannot be saved, Henry is more worried than ever that the tree might get cut down. Whilst heading to the docks, he sees Toby had broken down on his track and is blocking the line. This gives Henry an idea to block the tracks to the wishing tree so no one will cut it down and he takes Toby's trucks for him. He also collects Thomas, Percy and Emily's trucks for them and Henry goes to the forest. He shunts the trucks and the line is blocked.

At the docks, Salty is asked to take the tree specialists to the forest, but he cannot get through since the trucks are blocking the track. Harold flies from above Henry and tells him that the tree specialists are trying to save the tree and without them, the tree will get cut down. Henry realises his mistake and takes Toby's trucks to the depot, Thomas' empty trucks to the quarry, Emily's trucks to the coaling plant and Percy's trucks of empty milk churns to Farmer McColl's Farm. Henry collects the tree specialists and takes them to the wishing tree. They clear and cut the fallen branches and Henry helps by pulling the tree back up. Henry wishes the wishing tree will last forever and ever and smiles.




  • This episode marks Harold's first appearance in CGI. Due to his appearance, this is also the first time a non-human character appears in full CGI.
  • Mr. Percival's CGI model is used to represent the dock manager.
  • This episode has similarities to Henry and the Flagpole.
  • This marks the first time Salty is seen taking passengers.
  • This episode marked the only time and the last time of a few things:
    • Salty's last appearance until Misty Island Rescue, his last speaking role in an episode until the fourteenth series episode, Merry Winter Wish and his only appearance in the twelfth series, his last appearance in the model series and his last appearance in an episode until the fourteenth series episode, Being Percy.
    • The final episode written by Abi Grant and the only episode she wrote for the twelfth series.
    • The last appearance of Henry's Forest.
  • In a rare photo, Harold appears in his model form, instead of full CGI.


  • In one scene, Emily's second front wheel on her bogie is derailed.
  • In the US dub, Henry's line "I'll take your frieght cars for you, Thomas." is out of sync.
  • As Emily backs her empty trucks to Henry's line, her siderods slip briefly.
  • Salty's cap brim is missing when he comes across the line of trucks blocking the line.
  • The wishing tree has been relocated to a different part of the forest.
  • It was said that Emily was taking her trucks to the coaling plant, but when Henry takes them for her later in the episode, he delivers her trucks to Knapford Yards, the same place he delivers Toby's oil tankers and conflat.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Mal Entendido de Henry
Chinese Mandarin 亨利错了
Czech Henry to popletl
Finnish Henrin Erehdys
French L'arbre à souhaits
German Henry liegt falsch
Indonesian Henry Salah Mengira
Italian Henry Capisce Male
Korean 헨리의 잘못된 판단 (Kids 1)
헨리의 오해 (EBS)
Latin American Spanish La Equivocación de Henry
Polish Pomyłka Henia

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