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Henry Goes Round is a magazine story.


Henry has taken an extra passenger train to the Wellsworth fair. He sees a big roundabout with horses that go up and down. Henry thinks going on a roundabout would be fun. When he sees Thomas later, Henry tells him about the roundabout. Thomas says he is too busy on the branch line to worry about it.

The Fat Controller tells Henry to go the junction and help Thomas out with extra work. Henry is facing the wrong way so he must use the turntable. Henry begins turning when suddenly, the turntable keeps moving! The engineer operating the turntable informs Henry that the lever has jammed. Henry ends up whistling for help so loudly that The Fat Controller sends for more engineers.

The engineers work very hard and soon the turntable stops spinning. Henry is very dizzy from the incident and later tells Thomas that, if the roundabout at the fair is anything like the turntable, he has lost interest.