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This article is about 'the magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the episode'.
“Steamies can't get chickenpox, but maybe diesels can get measles... only joking, Henry!”

Henry Spots Trouble is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using images from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2017 Thomas Annual.


One day, Henry meets the Fat Controller and his grandchildren. The Fat Controller explains that Stephen and Bridget have chickenpox, hence why they have spots on their faces. Henry starts to worry; he is unsure whether or not engines can catch chickenpox. Butch ends up accidentally spraying Thomas with mud and he now has dark spots on his face. Henry does not know and thinks Thomas has caught chickenpox.

As Henry puffs along the main line, Paxton passes by with spots on his face too. Henry does not know that they are just spots of soot from the Dieselworks. Before Paxton has a chance to explain, Henry races away towards Kellsthorpe Station.

At Kellsthorpe Station, some workmen are busy painting. As Gordon waits for his passengers, a workman knocks a tin of red paint all over him. Gordon's face is covered in paint spots. Henry pulls in and thinks Gordon has chickenpox. Henry reverses quickly away. Henry speeds past the Fat Controller and his grandchildren and the controller is very surprised to see Henry backing up along the main line and he asks Winston to follow Henry. All of Henry's passengers are complaining; they have missed their stops and are very cross.

Eventually, Thomas and Gordon catch up with Henry who is surprised to see Thomas' spots have vanished. Thomas explains that he has been to the wash-down and had the mud spots removed and Gordon explains that his spots are actually just red paint. Henry admits that he thought the spots had been chickenpox. Then, the Fat Controller arrives and explains that only people get chickenpox and they usually get it when they are young and recover quickly.

After that, Henry stops worrying about chickenpox and gets back to being a really useful engine. He even says sorry to Paxton for running away from him. Paxton jokes that steamies cannot get chickenpox, but maybe diesels can get measles.





  • Stephen's name is misspelt as Steven.
  • Kellsthorpe is misspelt as Kelsthorpe.
  • The Fat Controller asks Winston to follow Henry, when he is in control of Winston.