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“I wasn't expecting to see the flagpole down here!”
―Henry seeing the broken flagpole

Henry and the Flagpole is the sixteenth episode of the ninth series.


Henry loves going to Lord Callan's Castle as it means that he gets to pass his favourite tree; the tall, pine tree. After Henry delivers cargo for the upcoming banquet to the castle, the Fat Controller tells him to collect a new flagpole from the Docks.

At the Docks, Henry searches for the flagpole, expecting it to be standing up. However, Henry gets distracted by Cranky's tall height and does not see the new flagpole on the flatbed in front of him. Henry bumps into the flatbed, causing the flagpole to roll off and land onto the tracks. Salty is rolling by and accidentally crushes the flagpole. Henry was not expecting the flagpole to be laying down. Salty said that Henry could not see the flagpole tall if it is layed down and Henry felt very silly. The Fat Controller arrives saying it is a disaster now that Lord Callan's Castle will not have a flagpole.

That evening, Henry meets Toby, who is looking at the tall, pine tree, and tells him about the broken flagpole. Toby suggests that the tall pine tree would be useful as a replacement, but Henry does not agree. The next morning, Henry is sent to the forest with workmen carrying saws and axes. Henry thinks that the tall, pine tree is going to be cut down and is determined to save the tree by finding a new flagpole. But all the flagpoles he can find are too short, even those at the beach and at the airfield. That night, the Fat Controller scolds Henry for delaying the workmen's job at the forest and, lets Edward takes the workmen while Henry shunts coal trucks tomorrow.

At the Coaling Plant, Henry tells Thomas about finding a new flagpole and Thomas suggests that sometimes things can be found where one would not expect. So Henry goes off and uses Thomas' theory. After looking at a field of cows, Henry sees Trevor at the Vicarage Orchard, knowing he will not make a good flagpole.

At the Docks, Henry sees some tourists taking photographs of an old ship and Salty tells Henry that the old ship's mast is to be chopped up for firewood. Henry decides to use it as a new flagpole and, once the old ship's mast is on a flatbed, he rushes off to the forest. At the forest, Henry pleads with the Fat Controller not to cut down the tall, pine tree as he found a new flagpole. The Fat Controller tells Henry that there was no intention to cut down the tall, pine tree at all; the workmen's job was to collect firewood for the Scottish Castle banquet.

That night, Henry and Thomas see the Scottish flag hoisted up the old ship's mast and Henry thinks it looks beautiful, but not as beautiful as the tall, pine tree.




  • This episode marks Trevor's last speaking role until the twentieth series episode, Three Steam Engines Gruff and his last speaking role in the model series.
  • Going by production order, this is the thirteenth episode of the ninth series.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 亨利和旗杆
Croatian Hrvoje i stijeg
Czech Henry a stožár
Finnish Henri ja lippusalko
German Henry und der Fahnenmast
Greek O Τσάρλι και η σημαία
Hungarian Henry és a Zászlórúd
Italian Henry e l'Asta della Bandiera
Japanese ヘンリーとはたのぼう
Korean 헨리와 깃대
Norwegian Henry og flaggstangen
Polish Henio i maszt flagowy
Portuguese Henry e o mastro
Romanian Henry și Steagul
Russian Генри и флагшток
Scottish Gaelic Henry Agus am Brat-Chrann
Slovak Henry a stožiar
Swedish Henry och flaggstången
Thai เฮนรี่กับเสาธง

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