“I’ll listen to what my driver says, next time.”

Henry and the Roof is a magazine story.


There had been a terrible storm on the Island of Sodor, as the trees had been uprooted in the strong winds. Even the roof of Henry’s engine shed had been damaged. His driver examines the roof and can see that it is not safe, but Henry refuses to come out of the shed and argues with his driver that the storm might come back. This goes on until his driver reminds him about being bricked up inside a tunnel one time, which Henry remembers and had not liked that one bit, but Henry still refuses to come out. His driver has no choice but to tell Sir Topham Hatt about his misbehaviour and leaves his engine in the unsafe engine shed.

All of a sudden, there is a crash and his driver runs back to see some of the roof beams had fallen on top of poor Henry. Later the workmen come and set Henry free from the fallen roof beams, although they are very heavy and it takes some time to free him. Shortly afterwards, Henry feels upset that his paintwork has been badly scratched from the ordeal.

His driver then scolds him that he was lucky that he was not severely damaged, and tells him that if he had come out of the shed, that would never have happened to him. Henry then apologises for being so silly, and promises his driver that he would listen to what he is told next time as the men come to paint over his scratch marks.




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