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“Don't be silly, Henry. Remember the last time you wouldn't go out in the rain? You were bricked up inside a tunnel by the Fat Controller.”
―Henry's driver

Henry the Hero is a magazine story.


It has been raining hard for weeks on Sodor. Henry complains about having to work in the rain, saying his pistons will rust. His driver tells him not to be so silly and reminds him of the time the Fat Controller had bricked him up inside a tunnel for not going out in the rain. Henry thinks he better behave himself this time.

Henry collects his passengers to take them to town as the rain gets harder. The passengers all complain and the fireman remarks how unhappy everyone is due to the weather. Henry hates the weather more than anyone and cannot wait to get back to the warmth of his shed.

Soon Henry reaches the viaduct. He comes to a halt and whistles nervously; he thinks the bridge is going to collapse. The bridge looks safe to the driver who scolds Henry saying that he will scare the passengers. He thinks Henry wants to go back to the station and get out of the rain. The driver tells Henry that if he does not move, the Fat Controller will get a new engine and send Henry to the scrapyard, but still Henry does not move.

The guard comes to have a look and soon comes hurrying back. Henry had been right; the rain has washed away one of the columns and the rails are bent. He says that if Henry crosses it, it may very well collapse. The driver apologises to Henry and says that he is a hero for preventing a very nasty accident.

Henry returns to the station where all of the passengers cheer for him. Henry feels very proud, but he is still very glad to return to his shed out of the rain.